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Welcome to Creekside Anglers Fly Fishing Club
We are a Federation of Fly Fishers charter club
Located in Northeastern West Virginia

Youth Mentoring     Conservation       Fishing Fun     

Youth Mentoring     Conservation     Fishing Fun

Fishing Fun

Chunky browns and sizeable rainbow trout are already hitting some regional streams.
See the updated fishing reports page for the latest fishing info.

Improtant message from President Randy Underwood


With this newsletter, we would like for you to know that Creekside Anglers is alive and well. We have already had three board meetings to set a clear path forward, including some club activities for this summer, preparation for starting monthly club meetings and programs in September, and discussions concerning other club activities over the next year.

To kick things off, we are having a fly tying demonstration and bass fishing outing at Cacapon State Park on Saturday, June 25, a joint club picnic with the Antietam club on Saturday, July 12, and a possible fishing outing in August. Details for these and other upcoming meetings and activities are posted in this newsletter or will be posted in upcoming newsletters. We hope to see you there.

I would also like to thank our current members and officers for their efforts in helping to get Creekside back on the move again. These folks include Quincy Adams, Doug Alexander, Jack DeHaven, John DeMars, Bill and Kirby Lewis, and the author.

Board member Ray Gano is on short term leave while recovering from a recent health issue. On behalf of the board, I would like to wish Ray and member Lou Kish speedy recoveries and quick returns to club activities.

If you would like to be a member of the board or should you have some ideas and sug- gestions for the board, please feel free to get in touch with one of us. For now, I wish you a good summer, tight lines, and great catches to share with us when we meet again.

Randy Underwood – President

Note: Please disregard information on the other pages on the web site
until we can get reorganized

Becoming a member
Creekside Anglers doesn't collect any dues at the club level. We simply ask those who want to be part of our conservation activities to become members of our national organization:
"The Federation of Fly Fishers" at the following website:"
We also have hard copies of membership forms available.

Antietam Fly Anglers Casting Club featuring

FFF Certified Casting Instructor Robert Stouffer
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